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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is quite simply, the foundation of our operation and our culture. Our Values offer clarity and direction internally and our actions offer evidence of our commitment. For us, good CSR is good business practice.

Collabro operates in a wide spectrum of societies and environments. We approach CSR with a set of principles that guide ethical operations and individual responsibility. Our values and business model yield an operational culture that drives sustainable, responsible business practices in the context of our community and our environment. Community involvement is a normal part of our working process from supporting new & inexperienced members of our team, to supporting local charities chosen by our staff in every region.

Currently Collabro Group has bases in three continents – each with different cultures and economic scenarios, and we trade across the globe in a wide variety of sectors in various developed and developing countries. We build systems and practices to ensure we are accountable and transparent across Collabro Group and our trading partners.

Environmental Sustainability is an area we can all improve in. At Collabro we strive to limit our Carbon Footprint by siting our offices near public transport links maximising the use of modern communication technologies and encouraging behaviours that minimise our impact on the environment.

“One of our recent responses was to the floods in Malaysia’s East Coast”