Collabro – Tailor-made project and stakeholder management solutions for your business

November 22, 2021
Collabro – Tailor-made project and stakeholder management solutions for your business

It is said that the true measure and depth of understanding a subject is by one’s ability to easily explain the subject matter to a five-year-old.

And of all the misunderstood subjects out there – project management, and the need for it, is quite difficult to explain. At least, in easily explaining it to the little ones.

Per the global average, a project manager earns approximately £74,000 per annum – a lofty sum. But from our research, even those in that earning bracket with that specific title fumble in efficiently answering the question: How do you manage your projects?

The management of both project and stakeholders are far from being easy ventures. There are no cut and paste solutions – no generalised fit to overcome all needs. And most importantly, most solutions do not cover every sector of business fully and completely.

In smaller organisations, various apps may work, to some degree. It is unfortunate that for large-scale operations, the most efficient apps fall apart especially when one’s business requires collaboration between other companies, key stakeholders, and of course, multiple locations of work globally.

Small scale apps may work on individual groups, but not for the comprehensive management of all elements involved across entire projects. For instance, the more introverted workers often prefer block tactics in blocking out their calendars from calls and meetings until they have completed their to-do lists and email responses. This may clash with the timeframes and deliveries of companies in other time zones.

The constant collaboration and breakdown of tasks into various phases as per the demands of the Agile methodology has a way of isolating the ‘bigger-picture’ people into smaller boxes without truly making use of their talents. To truly benefit here, a tailored approach will be required.

Basecamp, while perfect for the extrovert in a small-scale scenario, can be daunting for those who prefer to work on their tasks without constant supervision from the higher-ups.

The current adopted methodology is segmented, divided, and cannot be applied to large-scale initiatives that span across the world in real-time.
Collaboration between companies, global sites, and key stakeholders is difficult enough while still ensuring that all objectives are achieved in a timely manner. We know this, perhaps even better than most as ‘collaboration’ is in our name.

While having the expertise is one thing, we pass on our knowledge through training that is as niche as our solutions to best prepare you and your entire organisation for any challenge whatsoever.

How does Collabro help?

An increasing number of businesses have found immense value in outsourcing specific project management functions to industry experts. At Collabro, we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that can be implemented across the board for your project management needs.

With that being said, our team of specialists partner with our clients and stakeholders to create tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to their unique needs. No environment is too challenging and we endeavour to focus on a holistic approach by combining our best suited components to match your business objectives.

Our experts at Collabro maximise each client’s in-house facilities coupled with third-party applications and our own proprietary products and services to deliver the most effective solutions for your company – mitigating risks and reducing costs in the process.

Our project management plans are designed to cater to your specific business requirements and precise location-based needs through innovative solutions that filter to the very root of the issues that your business faces.


Efficiency and effectiveness are central to our efforts and our experts at Collabro work tirelessly to identify the needs of organisations and subcontractors and manage them accordingly to ensure project delivery of the highest quality.


At Collabro, we constantly seek to align key stakeholders to ensure that all role-players in the process sing off the same hymn sheet in terms of their understanding of the business problems that they are trying to solve.

Our globally distributed teams aim to establish and maintain alignment and commitment from all parties starting from conception, delivery, analysis and forecasting to ensure that a sustainable operational model is achieved through effective project management – a deliverable that underscores all of our efforts.


At Collabro, our programme and project management capabilities are fully compliant with globally recognised methodologies such as Agile.

Information security management is very important to us and Collabro are proudly ISO27001 certified. We also apply project management systems such as PRINCE2™, renowned best practises including ITIL, and other proven proprietary techniques.

Moreover, we work with industry leading trusted partners like CGI and LOGIC, amongst others, to provide your organisation with the most advanced solutions.


Our experts at Collabro have earned a fantastic reputation across many industries for global delivery, our past experiences, specialist training and our unwavering commitment to improving your operational model through effective and efficient project management.

Through our innovative analysis, we identify gaps in knowledge and skills within your company and implement knowledge sharing and competency skills training from front end design through to delivery to get all participants up to speed.

Final thoughts

We, at Collabro, have taken the time to study, acknowledge, and understand the needs of man – we are adaptable, we are knowledgeable, and most importantly, we are collaborative.

Through our expertise, experience, and flexible approach, our committed team will deliver tailor-made project management solutions that will help your company to reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining the highest level of standards.

In addition to delivering tailor-made project management solutions, we optimise the process through dedicated training to ensure that your organisation is best prepared across every sector.

For the answers to the universe, you may need to consult elsewhere. But if your interest is in project and stakeholder management then we can give you answers that even a toddler can grasp.

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