How does Vantage POB mitigate risks

May 4, 2021
How does Vantage POB mitigate risks

How one software can help mitigate the risks of oil and gas companies

The oil and gas industry is still the leading majority player in the energy production game. With the industry being the size that it is, it is no surprise that the business risks are significant. Add to that the real threat of personal injury and often dangerous working environments, then mitigating these risks is no longer a luxury but a necessity to operate.

BDO consulting firm conducted a survey amongst multiple oil and gas companies last year to discover the industry's most significant risks from a revenue perspective. 97% of companies polled stated that one of their biggest risks of revenue lay in the unstable working environments, operational hazards and probability for personal injury.

There is a reason why a software system like Vantage POB has become the world leader in personnel tracking and is set as the industry benchmark. That is because it was created with the focused intention to mitigate the high risk of personal injury while simultaneously improving safety management in the event of an emergency. Vantage POB was developed in such a way that it's not only used to track personnel and assist with safety operations but is also integrated into every division of offshore plant operations. Here is how Vantage POB can mitigate the most common personnel-related risks by fitting seamlessly into the following divisions.

How does Vantage POB help your company to track and manage offshore staff?

Vantage POB assists in managing staff by first making sure that they are the right people for the job. By registering and validating every staff member's competencies, qualifications, training and induction requirements, the system helps to ensure that the only personnel on the offshore plant are safely meant to be there. Trip histories can be accessed quickly and easily, as well as population data, making personnel tracking and safety analysis that much easier.

How does Vantage POB benefit offshore IT divisions?

Vantage POB works as a secure single database that holds personal, travel, location, and certification information on individuals. As such, it is used as a one-stop-shop for IT divisions in the offshore oil and gas industry. The hosted system means there is no investment in infrastructure or database software required. Access to the internet is all that is needed. Companies in some parts of the world elect to host Vantage POB software on their own chosen infrastructure, as suits particular local circumstances. The service is available 24/7, with security, database administration, and resilience included as integral parts of the service. Vantage POB also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of systems including:

• Learning Management systems
• Access Control systems
• Data Analytics exports
• Mustering systems
• Dashboards and smart rooms
• SAP/Maximo/P6/other Enterprise systems
• Travel Management systems

As solutions-based outcomes drive the Collabro Group, if integration requirements arise, they will be discussed, and a tailored proposal will be presented.

How does Vantage POB benefit the offshore logistics division?

Vantage POB checks and validates all survival, medical, and training certifications in one simple step before offshore flight bookings are made. The software also allows for the development and compliance monitoring of policies such as field breaks, to help ensure that all staff perform at their prime, mentally and physically. This assists in adhering to national and international safety legislation. While Vantage POB is a pre-created system, it is tailored for each company to perform adjacent workflows of different user types. Additional certification categories (e.g. location based certificates) can be added into the Vantage POB system to ensure all the required competencies are met. Logistics team members can use it to track personal and route freight movements. The essential task of identity checks and controlling flight schedules can now all be performed with ease.

How does Vantage POB benefit the HR division & training providers?

We have already discussed how Vantage POB validates existing training qualifications. However, it goes a step further by identifying training requirements and gaps in personal certifications, further mitigating safety risks and limiting training duplications. It can also provide working time directive information, enabling compliance.

User numbers of Vantage POB have run at over 7000 people. This can easily be changed by your company to accommodate operational and commercial conditions, such as the oil price and COVID. With the ability to address HSE issues, operational and logistical roadblocks, and personnel management problems, it's no wonder that Vantage POB has tracked over 20 million completed journeys. With 100% of oil & gas operators in the UKCS sharing the service, the guarantee of reliability has been tried, tested and proven.

If you would like to know more about how the Vantage POB software system can mitigate your company risks and increase revenue as a result, contact us today.

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