Legare – An Innovative Solution across Industries

August 16, 2021
Legare – An Innovative Solution across Industries

Legare – An Innovative Solution across Industries

Elon Musk, in 2014 at the Oslo Oil and Gas Summit responded to a particular question with an answer that has resonated throughout the industry for years to come. If anything, it is only now that we see the wisdom in his words, the delicate pause necessary for the impact him, and, by association, Tesla, has left on the world.
“What kind of threat do you think you are to the Oil and Gas industry?” he was asked.

Musk’s answer: “I don’t think we’re much of a threat.” He then paused and added with a smile, “yet.”

And as much as Tesla, or Elon for that matter, may deny it, their business model was dependent on the Oil and Gas industry – even if it was through challenging the industry and planting the seeds of conversion in the minds of the current stakeholders.

Similarly, whilst Legare’s initial offering as an innovative and powerful platform for data transfer was subjected to the Oil and Gas industry – it has evolved and is now transferrable to almost all industries.

The success of Legare’s ability to integrate seamless data exchange amongst multiple platforms without affecting productivity and efficiency has been a much-needed boon for energy organisations. Through a trial by fire approach in the ever-demanding energy sector, Legare has improved, grown and enhanced its offering.

The ability to solve cross-industry problems has resulted in profound interest across a variety of organisations, including clean energy, construction, and utilities, to name a few.

The value that Legare offers is slowly being recognised in almost every industry to boot as running an effective business not only requires skills and expertise, but also effective management of business processes. With so much of competition amongst key players across different industries, it only makes sense to leverage the latest technology to maximise efficiency and stay ahead of the pack.

So, how does Legare help?

Legare’s innovative platform is a powerful data transfer tool that is effortlessly extracts, transfers, and loads data automatically between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems such as Primavera P6, and multiple other data sources including Microsoft Excel and XER files, SAP, and Maximo.
Legare supports the exchange of data across a range of industry divisions that include planning, maintenance, finance, and operations. In addition, it provides transparency, reduces costs, and increases accuracy through automated processing that enables fast and simple data integration. All-in-all, Legare offers an integrated project plan that facilitates seamless data exchange amongst multiple platforms without affecting the productivity and efficiency of the organisation.

Legare’s functionality

Legare provides an easy-to-use platform that effortlessly manages the complexities of import, export and integration tasks in a multi-project environment through an intuitive user interface, specifically designed with early adoption and minimal user training in mind.

For organisations that are looking for a solution to collect data internally or externally through to fully automated integration with Finance and Maintenance systems, Legare provides an innovative solution that offers Planning Departments an opportunity to create and easily maintain an integrated plan.

How does Legare solve cross-industry problems?

Many organisations work with multiple planning systems that are not integrated. Essentially, this will lead to planners having to gather information from multiple sources or discovering inconsistencies with the data that they have gathered from different sources. The very fact that different systems are not integrated can prove to be a costly exercise for organisations who have to use their valuable time and resources to make corrections.

Not only do staff have to spend copious amounts of time entering data from one system into another, but this can prove to be a costly affair with the transfer of data being susceptible to human error. Legare’s solution takes the guesswork out of this tedious exercise by automatically extracting and uploading information incredibly quickly and accurately.

Organisations with offices in all parts of the world may use different systems that could be recording data in different formats. These include variables like date format, currencies, minutes instead of hours, or columns instead of rows. Legare once again is the perfect solution as it is designed to automatically extract and transfer data in the required format. During this process, Legare saves planning team’s valuable time, money and resources that can be directed to more urgent matters.

Another area of concern for many industries is where various software systems are used for key elements of the operational model in different ways. This could include one system that lists contractors and their availability, another system that lists contractors and their hourly rate, and another system that could list contractors and their qualifications. In addition, these different systems could have information that may not be required for specific projects.

All of this information across different systems can become overwhelming for planners and the ability to merge information would be the most practical option. The project planner may want to have a single point of reference where all this information is available at a glance, and may want the ability to block off information that is not necessary for the project at hand. Once again, Legare provides exceptional value with its ability to automatically apply preconfigured data mappings. Legare is able to easily gather all relevant data and seamlessly loads it in the correct format and data type required for easy single-point reference.

Legare’s Cross-Industry Overview

Amongst the many industries that Legare provides tremendous value for, we look at some industries that have recently integrated this solution into their operational model for more effectiveness and efficiency.

Chemical Industry (Off-shore integration)

Off-shore chemical plants have successfully implemented Legare to streamline their operations. In terms of their operational model, various stakeholders require different information about pipelines on a chemical plant in order to make informed decisions. Variables such as the flow of the pipe, the changing cost of the pipe’s contents, and pipe maintenance must be considered in order to make key decisions effectively. Stakeholders also require important information regarding the costs and flow rate of each product, the impact of the work being done, and the profile of the person required for the job.

All this information must be converted into tangible data that can be used to determine factors such as cost conversions and measurements, and must be in a format that is easily understood by multiple stakeholders at a glance. When data is returned in a Primavera P6 or planning format, for example, it must be converted into a format that can be easily understood at boardroom level, such as a spreadsheet. With reference to the Chemical industry, Legare is an invaluable tool that helps to facilitate time-critical information, cost-saving directives, and safety protocols while effortlessly integrating multiple systems to communicate under a single banner.

Construction Industry (On-shore integration)

Similarly to the off-shore chemical industry, the construction industry has also found tremendous value through the integration of Legare in their various operational models. While construction is typically considered in a broad sense, this innovative solution provides value-added benefits to specific sectors of the construction industry such as wind-farm construction, airport terminal construction, and water-treatment plant construction, to name a few. These specialised construction projects require an innovative platform that can easily integrate with different systems to ensure effectiveness, accuracy and efficiency.

With the construction industry spanning over many different sectors, Legare is the perfect solution for integrated project planning that provides effective and efficient data management in a cost-effective manner. Once again, Legare offers on-shore organisations in the construction industry the ability to process time-critical information, cost-saving directives, and safety protocols while seamlessly integrating various software models for easy and accurate data transfer and communication.

Legare’s added-value for cross-industry integration

While most industries around the world experience many of the same problems with software integration as well as accurate data transfer and exchange amongst different systems, the majority of these organisations are unaware that a solution exists.

Any solution that is developed for a particularly difficult operational environment in offshore Oil and Gas can be considered as a high-level solution, and Legare is no different. It is precisely this high-level solution that is perfectly suited to other industries with day-to-day, offshore, and onshore environments. With that being said, Legare provides exceptional value for industries that want to improve their effectiveness, accuracy and efficiency with an integrated project planning solution.

Since incredible amounts of time and energy has already been invested in Legare, it offers a complete solution that is ready to be implemented immediately across many different sectors, whilst taking into consideration unique industry and organisational needs. Industries no longer have to make large investments to create industry-specific solutions and wait months, or possibly years, for such integration to successfully be implemented in their operational model.

Another broad benefit of being a cross-industry technology is that job opportunities become readily available for staff who have the necessary skills, credentials and experience to successfully implement and use Legare in any operational environment. With the Oil and Gas industry experiencing declining production and fewer job opportunities, other industries will have the opportunity to work with highly-skilled experts who have previously worked exclusively for the Oil and Gas industry.

By using these experts in the integration and implementation process across other industries, Legare’s technology provides a diversification opportunity across the globe for elite personnel at the pinnacle of their careers to transfer their knowledge and skills to other industries that need their help.

Ways that Legare will help your business

With Legare offering such innovative technology and an easy-to-use platform, you may be wondering what some of the ways that your business will benefit from integrating our solution in your operational model are. Benefits include:

Enhanced business reporting

Legare offers incredible reporting tools that give your business real-time information with integrated databases that provides key information in an instance. This also ensures that your reports are accurate and consistent amongst your various databases.

Precise planning

With Legare, your business will have quick access to information that helps with faster response times, and improved accuracy and delivery processes. Information can be analysed quicker and this, in turn, improves the planning process.


Legare will enable your business to have improved procurement management processes, better inventory planning, and greater relationship management with key stakeholders – all of which will save you money with more efficient protocols.

Enhanced data and cloud security

Legare has dedicated security resources and offers the highest level of protection for your business. You can be assured that the interests of your business, key stakeholders, and clients will be safeguarded through Legare’s highly-secure platform.

Better business processes

With Legare, your business will adopt more effective and efficient processes as you will be able to automate tasks with ease and implement smarter workflows, amongst other features.

Effective management

Legare’s solution offers transparency at all levels and enables businesses to have a holistic view of operations while giving users the ability to gather detailed information in an instance. This makes processes like planning and forecasting much easier, and will reduce bottlenecks that may appear when information is scattered with outdated systems.

Substantive measurable business and safety-critical benefits

Legare is an incredible solution that will lead to substantive measurable business and safety-critical benefits for the sector. Your business will benefit by avoiding production shutdowns, planning errors, and inaccurate reports – amongst others - which would otherwise have detrimental effects on your operational model. Moreover, your business will benefit from accurate data processes, improved communication, and enhanced business operations.

Final thoughts

Elon Musk was certainly on to something with his clever response at the Oslo Oil & Gas Summit. It was as if he knew well before most of his audience could even consider it, the tremendous things that could be achieved when industries - no matter how far apart and different they may seem - collaborate to achieve common goals. The cost savings, as well as significant technological, safety and operational advantages that can be shared, exponentially improve business practices, and continue to change how we operate across the world.

Sharing resources and knowledge can lead to great things. Legare’s ability to transfer seamlessly into other sectors has opened new avenues for personnel. By paving the way for fast and efficient progress in safety and financially critical project planning environments, entire industries are now able to access technology built for the Oil & Gas industry.

For industries around the world that are looking at cost-effective solutions for a more efficient operational model, look no further than Legare. This innovative platform is highly developed and has successfully been implemented across extremely challenging operational environments.
In light of this, Legare is perfect for coordinating operations in your industry through integrated project planning. Make sure to get in touch with one of our specialists so that we can advise you on tailor-made solutions that Legare can provide for your sector.

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