Meet Vantage POB

March 16, 2021
Meet Vantage POB

Meet Vantage POB, the world's leading personnel tracking system used in the oil & gas industry and beyond. Tracking and certifying personnel for remote or dangerous locations and ensuring safety control in the event of an emergency: today Vantage POB (Personnel On Board), is the industry standard for safety offshore. Resulting from the devastating Piper Alpha disaster in 1988, Vantage POB has continued to evolve; mitigating risks and managing severe incidents to ensure the safety of workers in dangerous environments.

Background of Personnel Logistics

In military science, maintaining one's supply and distribution network is said to be the most crucial element of military strategy – this principle underpins arrangements for planning and transporting personnel. There is no doubt that every move or decision made during military exercises must meet the highest level of precision. Planning is exceedingly important. Implementing equally so. The word “Logistics” is in fact a military term that was used at the height of World War II to define the process of managing and maintaining the supply and distribution network of the army – hence the term “Personnel Logistics”


As globalisation kicked in and the world saw the enormous rise in trade and increased global movement of people industries that face some of the same challenges as the military – risk, operating in remote locations, and time critical operations – started to apply “Logistics”. The techniques used evolved further as production lines, just-in-time manufacturing, personnel planning and safety standards advanced.

Introducing Logistics Management

In order to stay competitive while making a profit, businesses around the world had to adopt the scientific advantage of logistics management. Logistics costs make up a significant chunk of a company`s budget. Therefore, precision planning and execution, and advanced business frugality must be observed.


Logistics management is difficult and poor logistics management practices cost money. As dependency on good supply, distribution, and personnel logistics has grown, so have the negative effects of using inadequate systems. This is especially important when people are travelling or operating in high-risk circumstances where personnel logistics arrangements can mean the difference between life and death. Fulfilment of every stage of the supply and distribution process relies heavily on people therefore, robust systems and supporting infrastructure are critical.

Solution: Introducing Vantage POB

Attentive focus on distribution and the management and tracking of personnel has evolved.

What is Vantage POB?

Vantage POB is a software application that makes operational and logistical processes involved in planning, transporting, and accommodating personnel working in remote and dangerous locations, simple, auditable, secure and precise. It encompasses a central and secure database of real-time employee locations and detailed personal information, that can be integrated with company software systems and specific requirements.

Facts about Vantage POB

  1. Vantage POB is currently tracking over 15 million personnel movements globally.
  2. Vantage POB is used by more than 65 companies, O&G operators, and Governments.
  3. Vantage POB is used on every continent.
  4. Vantage POB is available as a shared hosted system, company-specific cloud hosting or local hosting.
  5. In the UKCS and Europe, Vantage POB is used in a shared service as the industry-standard POB system.
  6. Vantage POB is used by 70% of all operators in Australia.
  7. Vantage POB integrates with 3rd party systems, ERP, and digital infrastructure.
  8. Vantage POB is used by more than 65 companies worldwide.
  9. Vantage POB is mandated by the Nigerian Government.
  10. Vantage POB is used by 100% of the offshore oil and gas operators in the UK sector of the North Sea and the Netherlands.
  11. Vantage POB has approx.4500 users in the UK Continental Shelf with 99% availability and 100% reliability.

What are Vantage POB’s Functions?

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The Vantage POB logistics support tool was engineered to meet your personnel logistics requirements regardless of industry. Vantage POB functions include:

Vantage POB benefits to Logistics & Operations
  • Survival, medical, and training certificate validation achieved in one simple step.
  • Allows development and compliance monitoring of policies e.g. field breaks
  • Enhances travel and transport management, including hotel and flight booking management for safe transportation from point A to B.
  • Manages helicopter sharing capabilities for offshore or remote locations.
Vantage POB benefits to Information Technology Companies
  • A single database holds travel, location, certification and other personal information on individuals.
  • Vantage POB is by default a hosted system, which means there is no investment in infrastructure or database software required. Access to the internet and Internet Explorer 11 is all the user requires.
  • Service availability is 24/7 with security, database administration and resilience included as integral parts of the service.
Vantage POB benefits to Human Resources and Training
  • Identifies training requirements and avoids training duplication.
  • Provides working time directive information, enabling compliance.
  • Ensures accurate information about personnel on board to assist in emergency situations.
Vantage POB benefits to offshore staff/community
  • Trip histories can be accessed quickly and easily.
  • Every individual’s competencies and qualifications are registered.
  • Training and induction requirements are identified thus avoiding duplication.
  • Individuals can be differentiated by their experience and qualifications.
  • Population data is readily available for analysis and for safety statistics.
Vantage POB benefits to company-wide operations and planning

Collabro offers a range of options for integration of Vantage POB with related software systems such as:

  • Learning Management System integration.
  • Data Analytics export.
  • Dashboards and smart room integration.
  • Maximo / P6 / Other Enterprise System integration.


The importance and scope of personnel logistics has expanded over the years. Collabro has been at the forefront of implementing collaborative shared systems to improve entire industry infrastructures. It continues to evolve and updates offerings to keep up with changing workplace and environmental requirements. Collabro offers a host of additional Vantage POB integration services. It is a specialist global provider of Personnel Logistics and Data Integration software solutions to multinational companies and Governments worldwide. If integration requirements arise, Collabro can discuss them with you and provide a separate proposal once the scope is clear. Collabro is the sole global re-seller of Vantage POB*.

*Vantage POB is owned by CGI who retain all intellectual property rights.

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