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Legare POB

Legare POB is a bi-directional data transfer tool which streamlines the process of moving data between any offshore personnel logistics / POB system (such as Vantage POB) and Oracle Primavera. Legare POB combines Collabro’s existing expertise in offshore POB systems and integrated project planning.

Benefits of Legare POB include:
  • Bookings can be created in any personnel logistics system based on the resource data in Primavera.
  • Resources assignments can be updated in Primavera based on bookings in any personnel logistics system.
  • Better forecasting of flight seat and offshore accommodation availability for ad-hoc work and core crew utilisation.
  • Ability to co-ordinate forward POB bookings with forward look ahead planning.
  • Enables operators and contractors to undertake dynamic flight and bed planning.
  • Ensure that allocated resources have current and correct competencies and skills to do the job on time and, most-crucially, safely.