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Overview of Products

The scope of our managed service provision typically includes helpdesk, 24/7/365 on- call services, support and maintenance, upgrade provisioning, and management of all hosting and related contracts.

Our current Managed Service provisions include:

Vantage POB – managed service as part of the UKCS

Vantage POB tracks all offshore movements in the UKCS as a shared service provided by UK Oil & Gas on behalf of the industry. Since the inception of this service, Collabro has held the contract for managing this service. The contract covers all aspects of the service provision.

Vantage POB – managed service in Australasia

Collabro hosts data on behalf of APPEA (The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association) where all training records are maintained on a Vantage POB database. Two the largest producers in Australia, Woodside and Apache also use Vantage POB

EEMS as a managed service

EEMS is the UK Environmental and Emissions Monitoring System for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The system captures greenhouse gas data direct from oil companies into one central repository.

Developed by Fivium and managed by Collabro, EEMS allows the UK Government and Oil and Gas industry to monitor CO2 emissions to help meet environmental targets. The system provides measured and calculated emissions data which allows reporting and greater transparency from one centralised system.