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Tracking & Travel

Tracking & Travel

For many businesses people need to be moved to and from locations that are hazardous due to environmental conditions, geo-political instability or security issues.  Others will have to work in remote and offshore sites where transport links and accommodation capacity are significant constraints.

It is only through an integrated approach that the entire process can be optimised and assurance that the right people are in the right place at the right time can be achieved.

An Integrated Personnel Logistics System is our visionary, holistic and flexible solution to all personnel logistic problems .  We offer various components that will meet the needs of every client.

Your challenges become our passion, and we can customise or create new solutions to meet any specific needs.

Benefits include:
  • Developed and executed efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Guaranteed data integrity throughout planning and personnel logistics processes
  • A consistent view of competencies and certifications
  • Enables compliance with HSE requirements
  • Safety Case management
  • Duty of care obligations met in full, regardless of where staff are deployed globally
  • Effectively managed emergency response (Whether it be operational, environmental or geo-political)
  • Transportation capacity requirements can be planned and managed to maximise occupancy and cost effectiveness
  • Businesses and their staff have clear visibility of logistics schedules
  • Simplify communication



Implement any or all of these modules to ensure that you have a capability that exactly matches overall business requirements or specific location based needs.

If you feel your requirements are unique or complex, get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss available options with you.


  • Planning System Integration through Legare POB
  • Management of personnel movements to and from remote sites and accommodation allocation using Vantage POB.
  • Ensuring that personnel have the required safety and medical certification and are competent to complete the required work tasks by utilising the features of Safety Passport.
  • Tracking vehicles and seaborne craft through Collabr’s class leading IVMS technology
  • Safeguarding lone workers through use of Lone Worker Protection.
  • Integrating personnel logistics management with a travel management system to deliver a single streamlined process for managing all travel.
  • Reporting and visualisation of all personnel logistics activities through a single integrated LivePOB Dashboard
  • Workers view scheduled flights; personal information and training certification details held in Vantage POB and have fewer “no show” bookings with MyFlights