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Vantage POB

Collabro is the exclusive global reseller and implementer of Vantage POB* (Personnel on Board), the leading personnel tracking and logistics management system for the oil and gas industry.

Vantage POB * was a result of the collaboration of 12 UK Oil and Gas companies to introduce an effective Personnel on Board (POB) solution to benefit the entire industry. Vantage POB is now the globally recognised Oil and Gas industry POB tracking system, with clients on all 5 continents.

The proven web-based system enables users to efficiently monitor and control the movements of personnel to and from offshore facilities and onshore sites such as process plants and construction sites. In recent times however, we have been invited by open cut and underground mining companies to showcase our offerings. To this end, we are now tailoring solutions to meet these specific needs.

Vantage POB critically ensures that personnel have the required safety, operational and medical certifications and are competent to complete the required work tasks by utilising the features of Safety Passport – a subset of Vantage POB functionality, which can be offered on a stand-alone basis.

Vantage functionality is applicable in any industry where tracking of personnel is an issue.

Benefits of using Vantage POB include

  • Emergency response co-operation
  • Enhanced security
  • Vantage tracks days spent offshore and highlights opportunities
  • Passenger data ( such as medical and training certificates ) is up to date and accurate
  • Accurate information on personnel trips
  • Accurate picture of who has been where
  • Accurate information on certification
  • Contains personnel training details for every passenger
  • Verified offshore industry training details
  • Passenger eligibility checked automatically at ooking and check-in
  • Check-in staff can handle multiple flights at the same time, without switching systems
  • Handles cross border flights and multiple time zones
  • Can view several countries flights on the same screen
  • Vantage POB Facts and Figures

  • In the UKCS alone, Vantage POB tracks 95% of personnel movements including 18,000 personnel working offshore across 250+ installation, over 125 flights, over 3000 passenger bookings, and over 700 freight items each day.
  • 4500 users in the UKCS alone with 99% availability and 100% reliability
  • Globally, Vantage POB has tracked over 15 million personnel movements, tracking 65,000 personnel each year.
  • Used for personnel logistics by 100% of the offshore oil and gas operators in the UK sector of the North Sea and the Netherlands.
  • Mandated by the Nigerian Government
  • Vantage POB is widely used in Europe, Scandinavia, Eurasia, Asia ( South and South East regions ), Africa ( North, West & South regions), the Middle East, North & South America, Australia & Oceania
  • Vantage POB is used by more than 65 companies worldwide