Vantage POB – The Innovative Personnel Logistics Solution

May 12, 2021
Vantage POB – The Innovative Personnel Logistics Solution

Vantage POB - The Innovative Personnel Logistics Solution

Vantage Personnel On Board (POB) is an innovative personnel tracking and flight scheduling system for the oil and gas, energy and other extractive industries. It is highly effective in controlling and monitoring the movements of personnel between offshore and onshore facilities. As an expert in the field of personnel logistics, Collabro is proud to be the exclusive global reseller of this incredible solution.

Collabro and Vantage POB

Collabro has vast experience and unrivalled perspective in the oil and gas industry, including with collaborative projects such as Vantage POB - the world leading personnel logistics solution. Collabro understands the dangerous and remote environments that their clients operate in and continue to lead the way with improving safety for the oil and gas industry globally.

In light of this, Collabro are proven experts at providing solutions to optimize the safety and management of personnel, irrespective of the hazards that are present. By combining our expertise with Vantage POB, we can integrate the most appropriate components of our products and services in a holistic way that is tailored to benefit your company. We are committed to providing your company with the most effective solutions that positively impact your operational model and give your company the best possible return on investment.

What purpose does Vantage POB serve?

In the oil and gas industry, it is critical to know where everybody is at all times in order to facilitate effective emergency response. By monitoring the movements of all personnel in the field and ensuring they have undergone the correct safety training to perform their work is vital for emergency response and mitigation. Collabro’s expertise in the field of personnel logistics makes us extremely capable of giving our clients the platform to digitally monitor and control the movements of personnel.

How does Vantage POB add value?

We work closely with major partners to provide a comprehensive range of in-house and third-party products that seamlessly integrate with your company’s existing digital infrastructure. By standardising the personnel on board business process with Vantage POB, your company is reassured of enhanced safety and security, as well as operational efficiency. Vantage POB is continually refined together with major global oil and gas operators to ensure that it provides the most up-to-date value to your company.

Vantage POB’s Reach

Vantage POB has tracked over 20 million completed return journeys globally. Its popularity has led to it being currently used by 70 operating oil & gas companies for their own personnel and that of their supply chains. In Europe and the UKCS, it is used as a shared service as the industry standard personnel on board system, while 70% of all operators in Australia use Vantage POB. Further, it has a strong presence in every continent with 100% usage by offshore oil and gas operators in the UK sector of the North Sea, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

Vantage POB is critical to oil and gas operations in Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Trinidad, Indonesia and the Middle East, and is sometimes employed as a stand-alone implementation in cases where data sharing is not a necessity. Vantage POB is highly scalable, flexible and offers proven reliability that provides an effective personnel on board solution for both large and small operators.

Key Benefits of Vantage POB

Enhanced Safety

By integrating Vantage POB, your company will ensure that the correct person with the proper credentials and certification goes offshore to perform specific work. Workers are also refreshed and remain alert to perform their duties safely and effectively.

All certification and training records are securely maintained on Vantage POB’s platform with access authorised for employers and industry-approved training providers. The software requires that all passengers must be registered on Vantage POB before they are able to board flights. Prior to boarding a flight, all medical certification, survival training, travel history and qualifications will be checked. Those passengers that don’t hold adequate and up-to-date certification will be prohibited from traveling.

Enhanced Security

With Vantage POB, your company will have the identity information for every single employee, including a photo ID. This is particularly helpful in combatting identity fraud and prevents uncertified staff from going offshore. All personnel information is protected with a controlled and layered security model and is only revealed to those with authority to view it.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Companies that use Vantage POB enjoy a much more efficient operational model. The software effectively manages safety, security, logistics, training and emergency response through the integration of data from safety training records, flight bookings and onboard lists. Moreover, it helps to improve the logistics of helicopter transfers and accommodation planning.

With this precise planning taken care of, companies can be assured that the right number of staff with the appropriate skills are present at the right locations for specific duties and their safety role when required. Vantage POB’s software is created around the different users that will access the system. Check-in desk operators are able to conduct identity checks and control flight schedules. Logistics users can plan freight movements and plan personnel. Employers can also maintain personnel information. Vantage POB has the ability to accurately record all time spent offshore together with rest periods, ensuring that these companies remain compliant with national and international laws.

Vantage POB’s Functionality

Vantage POB is efficient, intuitive and easy-to-learn, and offers the following functionalities:

• Personnel Tracking and Scheduling
• Logistics Management
• Offshore Management
• Emergency Response
• Safety, Tax and other reporting

Companies that choose to integrate Vantage POB into their operational model will have access to:

• Control Flight and Location Management
• Flight Sharing
• Personnel on Board Management and Tracking
• Emergency Management
• Safety Passport
• Employee Mustering System
• Roster Management
• Integrated Travel Management
• Access Control System
• Systems Integration and Certification Upload
• Smart Room Connections with Dashboards and Reports
• Training and Competency Management

Final Thoughts

As the exclusive global reseller of Vantage POB, look no further than Collabro to improve your company’s safety and security, as well as operational efficiency, through highly effective monitoring and tracking of personnel. Contact us here to find out more about Vantage POB and how we can implement tailor-made integration with your operational model.

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