About Us

Collaboration – it’s in our name!

Collabro is a specialist global provider of Data Integration Planning, Personnel Logistics, and Project Facilitation solutions to multinational companies and Governments.

We develop client specific solutions centred around Vantage POB* (the worlds’ leading personnel-on-board tracking system for the Oil & Gas industry), and Legare (our proprietary and highly versatile data transformation tool that provides seamless data transfer to and from Oracle’s market leading planning software, Primavera).

Working with major partners including CGI, LOGIC, local agencies and major corporations, our solutions are further enhanced by a suite of in-house and third party products to create a tailored ‘end-to-end’ solution.

* Collabro are the sole global re-sellers of Vantage POB, which is owned by CGI, who retain all intellectual property rights.

Our Values


Collaboration is fundamental to our corporate culture, an environment that allows us to reflect, grow, and learn from one another. We collaborate closely with our clients and partners to explore a wide range of possible solutions.


At Collabro we do what we say and if we promise something, we deliver it. We are ethical, honest, and professional in our operations. We treat people with respect and endorse open communication in our offices.


Sustainably profitable operations are a key value at Collabro, as they enable us to meet the aspirations of our stakeholders. This in turn provides; better returns to shareholders, rewards to employees, and increased investment - all of which continually improves the standard of performance offered to our clients.


Enthusiasm for creating innovative technologies that result in real change for entire industries, creates an enjoyable and exciting workplace. The team's passion and inspiration has allowed us to grow and continues to enable us to develop new ideas and branch into previously untouched markets.

Suggesting new ideas or ways of doing things is truly encouraged and each member of our team is creative in a unique way. We embrace our team's diversity, collaborate their skills and ideas, and break down barriers - often in unconventional yet brilliant ways!


We are always learning. We believe that for every member of our team, it is important that we know more than we did yesterday. We focus on enabling growth among our employees by empowering Collabro team members to take on new challenges for growth and training opportunities.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the foundations of our operation and our culture. For us, good CSR is good business practice, with environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, being of particular importance to us. We encourage environmentally friendly behaviours and can support communication with clients through many modern technologies.

Our business operates globally as one team. Along with the strength this brings to our clients and stakeholders, it also enables the collaboration of a multi-cultural team who regularly provide localised knowledge and insight into how we can best support charities and communities in various locations across the globe.

Collabro’s Global Growth

https://collabro-group.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/our-growth.png United Kingdom Netherlands Denmark Azerbaijan Angola Monaco Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Australia Nigeria India Iraq USA Philippines United Kingdom Australia Ireland Canada Brazil Qatar USA Spain Venezuela Denmark Netherlands Oman Austria Suriname Malta

Our Global Presence

Collabro operates on every continent working with industry world leaders in remote and dangerous locations across the globe, We have offices in the UK, Malaysia and Australia.

Our Global Presence