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Collabro Group
Collabro is a leading global provider of integrated personnel logistics, Oracle Primavera integration solutions and world leading facilitation services . With offices in Europe, Oceania and Asia, the firm provides unrivalled expertise and services to a range of multi-national clients. Amongst the solutions within Collabro’s portfolio, is Vantage POB*, which is used for personnel logistics by 100% of the offshore Oil and Gas operators in the UK sector of the North Sea, and is used by Oil companies on all six continents.

We take your challenges and apply our ideas. By integrating our proprietary and partner products, our adaptable and pioneering technology suite and services which include Vantage POB*, Tracking & Travel Management Tools, Legare, and critical Facilitation Services, we provide reliable and fit for purpose solutions that meet your requirements.

But what is it that makes us different?


It’s in our name! We collaborate!

Working, evolving and growing with our clients Collabro has unmatched experience in a collaborative environment when compared to conventional solution approaches. Our experience in collaborative working ranges from, addressing inter personal, departmental and organisational requirements, to working in across industry and complex multi company supply chain solutions.

Building on our peerless expertise in collaboration and facilitation, we develop highly-productive working relationships and processes with clients, suppliers and industry partners. This enables the delivery of a best-fit, holistic, end-to-end solution every time. As an example, Collabro has been at the epicentre of the UK Oil and Gas region for the past 10 years, working hand in hand across the industry to benefit all operators.

Collabro has a track record of improving efficiency, safety and profits for our clients’ worldwide operations, often in remote or dangerous locations. This is complimented by our unparalleled success in building shared solutions in a competitive arena.

No matter how complex your personnel logistics, planning, facilitation or integration problems, we have the skills and experience to solve them.

Have a look at Our Expertise and Case Studies to find out more about the challenges we have faced and how we have resolved them.